by Will Lesieutre

Welcome to will.institute

Will Lesieutre here with an exciting new website! What’s this about? It’s a place for me to work toward creating online VR experiences, because I’ve just gotten an Oculus Quest and I’d like to do more with it.

The Quest is limited in what it can run, with three paths for software distribution:

  1. Android apps that have been accepted into the tightly curated Oculus Store.
  2. Android apps distributed for sideloading, which will only be seen by users who have enabled developer options and signed up as an organization through Oculus’s Developer Portal.
  3. Websites with WebVR, for anyone to find through the Quest’s built-in web browser.

The last one is the way I’m headed, a route I hope will let me create anything from half-baked experiments to well polished experiences, and make them available to a wide audience.

JavaScript is new territory though, and will.institute will be home to a variety of experiments in web graphics as I figure it out.

Next up, a canvas tag and some simple drawing. Later, 3D and WebVR. Check back soon!